Single Use Plastics Ban | October 2023



Are you ready for the Single Use Plastics (SUP) ban? Back in May we put out a Blog Post about how to prepare for the single use plastic (SUP) ban that comes into force in October 2023. Since then we have made a number of changes to our product offering and also found ourselves fielding queries from confused customers around exactly what is and isn't being banned.

This page brings together some previous blog posts regarding alternative products and is written to help customers get to the important information. This is not legal advice, however ,and we strongly advise you take time to look directly at the source information (in this case the DEFRA guidance on

To keep it short, the guidance covers three main areas:
  • Plates, bowls and trays
  • Cutlery and balloon sticks
  • Polystyrene food and drink containers

1. Plates bowls and trays

Again the ban only applies to SINGLE USE items supplied to the public and DEFRA clearly lay out some exceptions to this:

Exemptions -You can still supply single-use plastic plates, bowls and trays if either of the following apply:
  • you are supplying them to another business
  • the items are packaging (pre-filled or filled at the point of sale)
Examples of this type of packaging include:
  • a pre-filled salad bowl or ready meal packaged in a tray
  • a plate filled at the counter of a takeaway
  • a tray used to deliver food

So if you have somne single use plastic stock - check the excemptions before you throw it out!

We are happy to reassure customers that re-useable plastic bowls and trays like our sandwich platters and donburi bowls will not be affected by the ban and Cater For You will continue to supply them.

2. Cutlery and balloon sticks

We've never supplied balloon sticks but All single use plastic cutlery will be banned, (note: not ALL plastic cutlery as some sources are suggesting.) Re-useable cutlery is not mentioned or included in the scope of this ban.

Cater For You will continue to sell durable reusable plastic cutlery. Other sustainable and recyclable solutions are also available including a good range of wooden cutlery and card alternatives.

3. Polystyrene food and drink containers

All our polystyrene burger boxes, meal boxes and cups are no longer available for sale on our website. We have many other options now including card and bagasse products - please see links below.

We are also launching a new range of fully compliant Infinity products that are recyclable. Read more here

Links / Further Information

There has been little time to adapt to this change in the law so we are here to help with any information either by phone or email. Further information is linked below.

Official Source:
DEFRA Guidance on Single Use Plastics Ban

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