Araven Sauce Dispensers

Aravan Plastic Sauce Bottles
Araven is a leading Spanish food service company with all the relevant food standards and ISO 9001. These bottles are made from recyclable LDPEand available in a range of sizes to buy on-line. The have a non drip silicon valve which ensure it doesn't become blocked and nothing accumulates by the nozzle. The nozzles also have a closure valve which means your sauces can be kept in them safely. The shape of the nozzle also makes plate and food decorating simple, accurate and clean.

The sauce bottles sizes are 350ml, 500ml and 750ml with different coloured nozzles for different restaurant oils, sauces, reductions and syrups. Chef can finish off dishes with precision and stunning perfection or customers can dispense their own sauce without mess and in a safe way.

The bottles can be used from -40oC to +90oC and can be washed after use in a dishwasher.

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