Deli Pots / Sauce Pots

We offer a range of deli pots or Sauce pots from the small 1oz and 2oz up to larger 8oz pots plus lids to fit each different size. These small pots are a great way to portion control sauces and dips. Use to serve tasters at festivals and food fayres, or simply to give your customers sauce with their meals. The larger 4 and 5oz pots can also be used as moulds for individual desserts.

Deli Pots With Lids

As well as the traditional and eco friendly paper sauce pots / cups, we have a number of options including deli pots with lids which are useful for take away customer sauce pots and have either a push on separate lid or a hinged lid. The 1oz and 2oz are the most popular but the larger sizes are used by our deli counter customers as deli containers up to 8oz.
  • Paper Deli Pots in 1oz, 2oz and 4oz sizes - lids are not available for these pots.
  • Plant Based Sugarcane Deli Pots: 2oz and 4oz pots, non airtight lids available.
  • Clear Plastic Deli Pots: 1oz, 2oz, 4oz and 5.5oz sizes all available with lids.
  • Hinged Lid Deli Pots: 25ml, 35ml, 70ml and 100ml, all are leakproof and almost clear in colour.

Deli Containers

We offer a range of deli containers made from rPET which is widely recyclable. The containers come in sizes from 8 to 32fl.oz capacity with one lid to fit all sizes.

Perfect containers for sauce, gravy and dips, coleslaw, olives, pasta meals, noodles and soups. These containers are BPA Free.

When Does a Deli Sauce Pot become a Deli Container?

Our customers generally use deli pots up to 4oz capacity for sauces to accompany the main meal, for example tomato ketchup, curry sauce, mayonnaise etc. Deli Containers are for pots that are above 4oz capacity, ie 8oz.up to 32oz and contain side orders and other items as above. If you require a deli containter that is microwavable, please view our huge range of tamper evident containers made from Polypropylene which is microwavable.


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