Plastic Glasses

Plastic glasses are ideal for use where glass is not suitable for safety or other reasons. We hold a large range of disposable, reusable and unbreakable plastic glasses, all in stock manufactured from a range of different plastics. Disposable plastic glasses are ideally only for single use and usually either crack easily or do not wash without breaking. Reusable plastic glasses are manufactured to be many times more durable, be dropped, not break and be dish washer safe. Some of the high end reusable polycarbonate plastic glasses are as good as the glass counterparts but with all the benefits of plastic. Below is a summary of the typical types of plastic glasses we stock:

Please view the video below which highlights some of the differences between some of our plastic glasses.

Plastic Glasses Video

Below is a video of us testing a range of our plastic glasses for their ensurance and how they may or may not be suitable for your event.

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