Burger Boxes and Packaging

If you sell burgers from a burger van / food truck or fast food take away outlet, we have a wide range of burger packaging for your patty and bun creations!
We have a selection of burger boxes with varying dimensions to suit a basic hamburger through to a kraft tower burger. The burger boxes are ideal for customers taking the burgers away and consuming further away from your premises with the wraps perfect for those who are going to consume immediately.

Burger Packaging Materials

Historically burger boxes have been take off premises in EPS foam packaging which isn't recylable and ends up going to landfill, though are great for keeping food warm and are still a popular part of our burger box product line up. However, these are now banned under the Single Use Plastic regulations. The industry has quickly adapted with a slew of burger box containers made from paper or cardboard and just as good at transporting burgers securely without food spilling out. The burger packaging is also great for eating on the go without causing a mess. We also have a choice of colours / finishes including black burger boxes, kraft burger boxes and white / bagasse containers / trays. In addition to the cardboard burger boxes, we now also stock the Infinity range, an EPS replacement but made from Polypropylene which is fully recyclable, though not compostable.

In addition to the burger trays and containers, we have a huge range of compostable greaseproof burger wrapping paper and Aluminium foil pop up wraps that are widely recyclable.

If you require any advice on our range or custom burger boxes, please contact us.
Burger Boxes Wholesale

Burger Boxes Wholesale

Over the years, the range of burger boxes available to our customers has proliferated so that most take away (and sit down restaurants) requirements are covered. Whether you have a small sideline selling burgers or a dedicated volume outlet selling just burgers, we have a solution for you selling in sleeves (where food safe), single boxes or multi-pallets for our larger volume wholesale customers.

Wooden Burger Skewers and Sticks

If you create stacked burgers or cheeseburgers piled high with cheese, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, gherkins and more for consumption in-house or large burgers on the go, then securing them in place with a wooden skewer is a must. We have a choice of wooden skewers with coiled ends, gun / paddle skewers or straight sticks (which are also suitable for meat kebabs) which will hold your burgers together whilst in transit.

Made from food grade birchwood, our range of wooden skewers and sticks are biodegradable and can be recycled after use.


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