Biodegradable & Compostable Plastic Cups

Help the enviroment and pay less with our eco-friendly plastic cold cups and lids. To keep things simple each of the 4 cups has the same size lid you just need to choose which style you want.

We have 4 styles of lid available, each with a different use. There is a flat straw slot lid for juices, a domed lid with hole for cream covered drinks and a flat and a domed lid without holes for when the cups are used to hold other things like fruit, sweets and deserts.

A 3oz insert is also avialable to sit inside the cup of the cup and gives even more usage options.

PLA Cups

All cold cups in this section are made from plant based materials. The Cold Cups are compostable in commercial composting facilities only. Cold cups do not biodegrade in landfill, although less greenhouse gasses are used in the manufacture of them and no methane gasses are given off when in landfill.

These eco friendly cups are made from plant based bio plastic like corn starch, sugar cane or sugar beet and should be disposed of in general waste bins.


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