Food Packaging

If you are a take-away food outlet, deli or food manufacturer, using the correct type of food packaging is one less thing to worry about. Our hot take away food packaging can help to keep food warm for customer convenience and much of it is microwave safe. We also have a huge selection of food packaging for cold take away food and drink and for small food manufacturers including ready meal packaging.

Why Do You Need Food Packaging?

Here are some key reasons why we need food packaging:
  • Protecting your prepared food becoming damaged in transit
  • Improve the retail presentation of your food and convenience for take away food on the go customers
  • Increasing the value of the food product at the point of purchase
  • Pprotection from airborne contamination and food tampering
  • Extend the life of food by reducing food degradation and controlling the temperature

Sustainable and Eco Friendly

Over the years we have been in business (established 2003), food packaging has become much more sophisticated and eco friendly, driven by a desire from within to improve eco credentials of the food to go industry and driven by customer demand.

Where possible, we have marked whether the packaging materials are recyclable, compostable (industrial / home) and biodegradable. We were the first on-line food packaging retailer to upload recycling properties / logos on our range of food packaging.

The food packaging range will be changing considerably with UK government introduced legislation particularly around single use plastics.

We stock a wide range of food packaging labels, essential for displaying legal information like ingredients and allergies for Natasha's Law. For customers interested in bespoke packaging labels / branding, we also offer a custom labelling service. Pre-designed off the shelf labels are held in stock for customers looking for a non-branded design.

What is Our Food Packaging Made of?

The packaging we supply is manufactured from a wide range of materials; we were also the first website to include product details and correct disposal methods.

  • Cardboard / paper, much is compostable and all can be recycled
  • Bagasse - sugar beet / plant based, it can be commercially composted
  • PLA Plastic, which is made from plants
  • Polypropylene & PVC Plastic, all of which can be easily recycled but may be legislated against by the end of 2023
  • PET plastic that can be recycled kerbside along with other domestic waste and re-used
  • EPS Styrofoam Plastic, soon to phased out across the UK as it cannot be recycled

Please read our blog on Recycling Food Packaging.

Custom Printed Food Packaging Boxes

We can supply custom printed food packaging services for almost all of our range available on-line. If you supply your logo or design, we can arrange for bespoke printing and direct delivery of our individual requirements. Please contact us with your ideas and we will find a quote from one of our partners and minimum order quantities.

Custom printing forms an overall plan of marketing your product both in store with premium presentation and externally on the move.

What are the Different Types of Food Packaging?

There are as many types of food boxes as there are types of food. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, just like the food they protect. A popular option is plastic trays for customer takeaway or delivery. These sturdy containers make sure the product gets to the client as if they were eating right there in your restaurant. When you're deciding on food packaging supplies, you know presentation is as important as the dish itself.

Whatever, your requirements, please browse around our site or contact us for assistance.

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