Eco Friendly Packaging

Sustainable food packaging: reduce your carbon footprint and expand your customer base

Your customers are looking for eco-friendly, sustainable food packaging; they’ll only want to purchase if they can trust that your brand is environmentally responsible. And with the single-use plastic ban being enforced, many catering businesses have to make the switch. But sourcing sustainable packaging can take up time you don’t have. That’s why we stock all the best eco-friendly catering supplies and have them right here, all in one place, for you to order quickly and easily. Let’s look at the benefits:

  • Kind to the environment
  • Alternative to single-use plastic
  • High quality
  • Good value bulk-buy offers
  • Professional design
  • Large choice different types and sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Safe

We stock a range of plant-based eco-friendly and compostable sustainable food packaging. Eco-friendly tableware and eco cups and glasses are also available, as well as compostable food waste bin liners in a range of commercial sizes. These products will reduce your carbon footprint, but without compromising on high quality or outstanding design. Plus, you have the peace of mind that we recommend these products based on real catering experience and offer a one-stop shop, with convenient next working day delivery available.
Bio card products which are designed for moist or wet foods are lined with a PLA lining which is biodegradable unlike a standard poly lining which isnt. Cellophane or PLA film windows are also used instead of polystyrene to enable these products to also be 100% biodegradable.

Bagasse or plant based packaging is made from reclaimed fibre like sugarcane. With the use of heat, the fibre is moulded into plates, bowls and containers for the food industry. Sugarcane packaging is very strong, grease resistant and great with both hot and cold foods. Plant based packaging like bagasse can be recycled, but requires a commercial composter.

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