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We also stock a range of products made from naturally biodegradable materials such as wood, card and paper which are produced in the UK so have a low carbon footprint and are therefore much kinder to the environment.
Bio card products which are designed for moist or wet foods are lined with a PLA lining which is biodegradable unlike a standard poly lining which isnt. Cellophane or PLA film windows are also used instead of polystyrene to enable these products to also be 100% biodegradable.

The plastic products in our range are made from an Oxy-Biodegradable material which will disintegrate in landfill sites in just over a year.  They have all the same functionality as the equivalent standard products, so unlike some biodegradable materials they can withstand temperatures in excess of 200 degrees centigrade.  These products are also produced in the UK so their carbon footprint is massively lower compared to some which are produced in the USA.

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