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Reusable & Polycarbonate Champagne Glasses

A range of virtually unbreakable and reusable champagne glasses available to suit every budget and occasion. Perfect for outside weddings, BBQs and parties where champagne / prosecco is being drunk; consider the unbreakable glasses round the pool, the reusable glasses if you hold regular functions, and the disposable glass for one off events. Although not a legal requirement, we also have a CE stamped glass available in our range too.

Virtually Unbreakable Polycarbonate Plastic Champagne Glasses

For the ultimate in quality, weight and feel, why not have a look at our Polycarbonate glasses? Made from the same material as riot shields, Polycarbonate glasses won’t shatter if dropped and are perfect around the pool/patio. They can be reused up to 500 times before showing any signs of wear and tear. Even then, it still won’t crack or break!

Reusable Plastic Champagne Glasses

If you need something slightly less heavyweight, try our re-usable champagne glasses. They have the same clarity as a polycarbonate glass, but may crack or break if dropped and and stepped upon, however they are a cheaper alternative. You will still be able to reuse these glasses up to 100 times before they show any signs of wear and tear. One glass in this range is also CE stamped should it be a requirement.