Wooden Cutlery

For a more environmentally friendly approach to disposable cutlery, we supply paper cutlery range, we stock a selection of birch wood wooden cutlery below, available in sleeves or in larger quanties by the case. The range is normally from UK based E-green who purchase the wooden cutlery from renewable and FSC accredited sources and is of course approved as food grade material.

In our opinion, the wooden cutlery is at least as strong if not better than the standard plastic cutlery and we have never had a wooden splint when using them to eat! The serrated edge of the wooden knife was noted as being impressive for a disposable product.

The biodegradable product is designed to degrade and disintegrate within a few months of disposal.

We purchase wooden knives, wooden forks, wooden teaspoons and others in the range in bulk pallet quantities to enable us to supply them at competitive prices and from stock, from our warehouse in High Wycombe. We also stock a full range of bamboo and wooden skewers for food presentation.

Click for some paper nakins, the perfect accompaniment for any event.

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