Plastic Martini Glasses & Cocktail Cups

Your James Bond party will not be complete with a Martini cocktail glass! A choice of disposable, reusable or virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic Martini glasses are available. These are ideal for a range of different events or use in licensed bars, restaurants or clubs. The plastic Martini glasses that we stock are a perfect alternative to glass and very cost effective, too.

Plastic Cocktail Glasses

Of course, Martini glasses are just as useful as plastic cocktail glasses or even mocktail glasses. We offer a choice of cheap disposable cocktail glasses through to large cocktail glasses suitable for the most creative of drinking menus and ingredients such as ice, herbs and various liquors.

Black and White Martini Glasses

As well as our traditional clear plastic Martini glasses, we also supply the very popular range of virtually unbreakable and very classy black or white Martini glasses. Made popular on reality TV shows such as Love Island, these are solid drinking glasses and ideal for looking cool around the swimming pool and lounging around. As they are virtually unbreakable, if they are dropped no glass will need clearing up.

Including in this line up of cocktail glasses is our double bowl shaped plastic margarita glasses, superb for the best margarita cocktail or any other kind of cocktail.

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