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Pizza Boxes

Are you looking for a plain pizza box? Our pizza boxes are all made from food grade corrugated card and are sturdy enough to hold even the most loaded pizzas!

We have a wide range of pizza boxes and accessories for sale - there are four square plain brown pizza boxes and two sizes of plain white pizza boxes, plus pizza discs, a pizza slice holder and a pizza box support. Every box in the range has steam vents on one side to keep food fresh and crispy and all boxes are suitable for not only pizza but also crepes, pancakes and calzone.

You can purchase just 1 pack of pizza boxes; for our larger customers requiring volume orders we sell pizza boxes wholesale. Benefit from a price reduction per pack by ordering larger quantities in one go. If you're looking where to buy pizza boxes wholesale, Cater For You can help!

Custom Pizza Boxes

Are you interested in ordering branded pizza boxes? We can help! It is a very straight forward process, and ideal for businesses looking to create brand awareness.

Personalised printed pizza boxes are a great way of showcasing who you are to potential customers, so it is worth taking your time on your pizza box design. Bold colours and a striking image work very well, and the entire outside of the box can be custom printed with your branding.

You need to consider a few points before going ahead - it's worth reading our blog to better understand the whole process. We go into detail about the pitfalls and offer up a few handy hints and tips to get you on your way.


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