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Plastic Hi-Ball Glasses

We offer a range of plastic hi-ball / highball glasses in a variety of sizes including 8oz, 10oz and 12oz. best suited to serving spirits with a mixer, juices and squash. They can be used at parties, events or even hotel mini-bars and bathrooms.

The hi-balls are also available in a choice of plastics with either unbreakable polycarbonate, reusable polystyrene or disposable higballs.

Please contact Cater 4 You today on 01494 511950 or email to find out more about our plastic hi-ball glasses.
Polcarbonate hi-balls are virtually indestructable, can be washed up to 500 times before showing signs of wear & tear and are much safer than glass. Perfect for parties on the lawn, BBQs and around the pool. CE Stamped and plain glasses available.

Reusable hi-balls will withstand up to 100 washes and although tough they may crack if dropped. All are CE Stamped too.

Our Disposable Hi-ball is ideal for a single use situation, eg high volume events or places where you can't wash up.