Plastic Champagne Glasses & Flutes

A few years ago, if you wanted to give away a glass of champagne or Prosecco at an outdoor event, but weren't able to use glass, you were left having no other choice but to use a less classy plastic glass that was also used for beer and soft drinks. Cater 4 You has made it possible to serve your event(s) with beautiful plastic champagne glasses that look just as stylish as the real thing.

For those perfect toasts at weddings and other events, you don't have to sacrifice style for practicality. Using our glasses for outdoor parties is a great alternative to real glasses, and except for the weight and thickness, they look just as classy as any real champagne glass would. They are great for functions such as weddings, parties, and festivals, and are also ideal for licensed bars, clubs, restaurants, and venues such as swimming pools and boats, especially when you are hosting a big party. Let's be honest, serving guests using 100 disposable plastic champagne flutes is far safer than serving with 100 glass champagne flutes that can easily break, not just due to their thin stems, but also thinness of the bulb itself. Save yourself the smashed glass by serving with our beautiful plastic prosecco glasses.

Do I need a CE Stamp on my Plastic Champagne Flutes?

Unlike most other alcoholic beverages, Champagne & Prosecco is mostly served by the glass as opposed to a measure due to its lively nature, so you will find that most reusable plastic champagne glasses are not CE stamped for this exact reason. Although not a legal requirement, we are able to offer a reusable glass that is lined and CE stamped at 125ml, should you require it or wish to serve a small glass of wine in a flute rather than a traditional wine glass.

Plastic Champagne Flutes, Saucers OR Glasses : What Option Is Right For You?

Plastic Champagne Flutes

The modern-day icon of luxury and class, champagne flutes are stem glasses that either come in tall narrowing and pointed shape or elongated slim bowl. The shape of the champagne flutes makes you think of sophistication. Ideal if you want your wine to be fizzy, this glass has a rough bead at the base that causes bubbles to gather and then float to the top of the glass. The champagne flute is more efficient than a champagne saucer at preserving bubbles. Having bubbles on your drink allows you to enjoy more of its aroma as well as the flavour of young wines. Due to the little air space at the top of the glass, there is little room for aromas and flavours of older and more complex wines to develop.

Previous years may not have offered many choices when it comes to plastic champagne glasses, and often the colour, as well as the material they were made of, weren't overly satisfactory. Today, not only are you guaranteed the highest quality product, you can even request the specifications you prefer, as technology has allowed for creations of more options when it comes to clear plastic wine glasses.

Plastic Champagne Glasses

Not only designed for drinking and aesthetics, they are also specifically designed to enhance the taste and even the aroma of the wine. There are ones that have small openings and there are those with larger bowl shape. You will want to ensure that you've picked the right choice for your champagne or sparkling wine, and you may have noticed that an increasing number of caterers have opted to have their champagne glasses plastic. There are already plastic champagne cups, plastic prosecco glasses, plastic prosecco flutes, plastic disposable champagne flutes, plastic glitter champagne flutes, and plastic stemless champagne flutes. Have a look at our stock and if you see an item you like, don't hesitate to contact us first if you need more information.

The most common forms of champagne glasses are the saucers and the flutes. While they are a cost-effective choice for one-off events, those disposable champagne flutes 100 or more event participants use can also be recycled. See below the difference between saucers and flutes.

Plastic Champagne Saucers

The oldest type of champagne glass, champagne saucers are also known as coups. These stem glasses have a shallow yet wide bowl. This vintage yet timeless style reminds us of the extravagant '20s when people let go of many traditional moral standards in favour of new styles. The champagne saucer was designed for bubbly dessert champagne that was popular at that time. This type of champagne glass would also be great as an elegant dessert dish. Plastic champagne saucers are now available for outdoor events.

Why Should You Buy Plastic Champagne Flutes From Us?

Whether you are looking for a simple pack of 6 glasses, or looking to buy plastic champagne flutes wholesale, we feel we're your best option and stock a range of plastic champagne glasses to choose from. We have always provided quality material, and as you can see from our customer service rating, we ensure that both the products delivered and the service we provide are of the highest standards.

For busy functions where wine is served in volume, using party champagne flutes plastic is an ideal way to reduce accidents as well as be very cost-effective. If you need to service an event with many attendees, you can check our plastic champagne flutes bulk pricing. If you want better pricing for bulk plastic champagne flutes, just email or call us for more information.

To purchase, feel free to select any of our products and add to your basket. We offer free shipping when you spend over £100. Once your order is shipped, we will send you an email with the consignment details for tracking with our couriers.


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