Cake Boxes

Cater For You is your number one supplier if you are looking for good value cake boxes in either small or wholesale quantities? Here’s why our cake baking customers love our cake boxes:

- Easy to transport from your bakery to the customer's destination
- Protect cakes from damage in transit
- High quality cardboard and plastic cake boxes
- Provides a hygienic barrier between the cake and airborne contamination so remains safe
- Inexpensive self folding options as well as quick service cake boxes
- Professional retail presentation of your cakes with windows to view and protect your cakes and pastries
- Huge selection of cake box styles and finishes for all types of cakes, pastries, doughnuts and more
- Need just one slice, see our dedicated cake slice boxes section
- Most of our cake boxes are made from cardboard and are the eco friendly option for your customers

Whether you need bulk cake boxes or a one-off order, our extensive range of products can meet any requirements. From baking and cake decorating to professional cake packaging labels, we offer next working day delivery. If you run a cake manufactring business and have wholesale cake box questions, please chat to our experienced team on 01494 511950.

Wholesale Cake Box Suppliers

In addition to providing standard ranges of wholesale cake boxes, we also have in stock windowed cake boxes, larger, sturdier wedding cake boxes and single slice cake wedges. We are a leading supplier of wholesale cake boxes worldwide, providing the finest in cake box packaging where ever you need. We have high confidence in our delivery of the best product at the best price.

Cardboard Cake Boxes

Cardboard cake boxes are now the standard for packaging your cakes. Whilst we do offer some plastic cake boxes, compostable / recyclable cardboard is very much the number one choice for cake bakers now. If you're looking for quality and cheap cake boxes in bulk, along with !!<<a href="/acatalog/cake-boards-cake-drums.html" >cake boards</a>, we've got you covered. You can see from the listings whether we have the product in stock and we usually hold excellent numbers for even the busiest bakeries. As we hold the cake boxes in stock we can provide reasonable prices and fast delivery.

Are Cake Boxes Easy to Assemble?

Cardboard quick service cake boxes pop up and are ready to use immediately so ideal for the busiest of bakeries. The traditional flat packed folding cake boxes take a little longer but are still relatively quick and simple to assemble. Some bakeries still like to use a little tape to secure the boxes for the customer. The self-service cardboard folding cake boxes for sale start at the smaller end with the 6 x 6 x 3" and go up to 10 x 10 x 3", each of which is quick and simple to fold into place, perfect for someone who boxes cake. The boxes in our stock have a number of creases on them for ease of folding and cut-outs for tucking in each side and making the boxes sturdy and secure.

How Do You Fold A Box Cake?

Our heavy-duty folding cake boxes are easy to assemble, with no glue needed. When you buy cake box online, such as one of those birthday cake boxes, it can come yet unassembled. Just ensure you got a box the size of your cake by taking note of the height and width. Don't forget that the cake boards you get are also in the right sizes.

Follow the pre-creased folds. Fold inwards until you are able to make four corners of the box. Simply fold the tabs in to make the box.

How Do You Box A Large Cake?

There are lots of sizes to choose from in stock and if you can't find one product that exactly fits your big cake, you can make a large box by using two individual boxes, one for the bottom and another for the lid. For tiered cakes, however, you will want to put each tier in separate cake boxes, so make sure you have enough boxes with you. Those in catering or baking business buy cake boards and cake boxes wholesale to save money and time. If cake packaging is part of your business, you should follow the lead of how those in need of cake boxes buy.

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