Paper Soup Containers

We stock a wide range of round disposable paper soup containers, ideal for hot foods and take away foods such as soups and pastas. They can also be used as as well as cold or frozen foods such as ice cream and frozen yogurts. Made from double poly paper these containers have been designed to meet any hot take away soup, ready for drinking / sipping / spooning. They can be used in the microwave with lid removed for re-heating*.

* Microwave safe depending on the specific temperature requirement and food / beverage concerned. We recommend that customers test any products to see if they are suitable for intended application, samples available to purchase to test your soup.
Plastic Soup Containers

Plastic Soup Containers

We also stock a range of plastic soup containers or tamper evident containers which are ideal for selling cold soup to be reheated in a microwave later. Click to view the full range of tamper evident containers.


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