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Plastic Wine Glasses

Welcome to our plastic wine glasses page. Have a look at our high-quality posh plastic wine glasses that not only add to the elegance you are aiming for in your event, but also help you maximise on safety and efficiency by using our quality reusable products. Our extensive collection can meet any needs for your event without setting aside aesthetics. Whatever you need, whatever type you want, you can buy it from our shop at the best price. A quick search on this website should also lead you to the material you are planning to buy.

Plastic Wine Glass Manufacturers Supplying the UK's Events & Catering Industry

Over recent years, manufacturers of plastic wine glasses have produced a greater range of shapes and sizes that are of a far superior quality compared to those of years gone by. If you order a glass of wine at an event or venue where glass is not permitted, the chances are your drink will arrive in one of those more elegant and suitable plastic party wine glasses such as white plastic wine glasses, acrylic wine glasses, plastic goblets, plastic wine cups, acrylic drinking glasses, plastic stemless wine glasses, and even plastic Christmas wine glasses. Explore this page to find the type of party plastic wine glasses you want.

125ml, 175ml, 250ml Plastic Wine Glasses CE Stamped?

125ml, 175ml, 250ml Plastic Wine Glasses CE Stamped?

Listed below is our current range of quality plastic wine glasses available for you to buy online. If you are a licensed establishment serving wine and you are not measuring the wine out before pouring it into the glass, then you will find our lined plastic glasses that are CE Marked very useful:

  • A small glass of wine is a 125ml measure
  • A standard glass of wine in most pubs if a 175ml measure
  • A large glass of wine is a 250ml measure

We stock quality and cheap plastic wine glasses with one, two or all three of these measure lines to suit whatever size of glass you are wanting to serve, and all these glasses are CE-Stamped.

Plastic Wine Glasses Compared

Established since 2003, we have been growing our business and reinvesting continually to improve our product range, stocks, and service to customers. We aim to continue providing our customers with quality plastic glasses. Learn about the types of plastic wine glasses you can find in our shop, based on the material used.

Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses

Should you opt for a single-use plastic glass, you can select from our assortment of disposable plastic wine glasses UK parties are now using that are made either with thin polystyrene or the more flexible polystyrene. This type of item on offer come in different designs such as large plastic wine glasses, plastic wine goblets, and small plastic wine glasses which you can find in this page, and are the perfect products to choose if you want to do away with washing or simply want to spend less time at the sink. Imagine using 100 disposable wine glasses in your event. With disposable plastic glasses, you would just throw them away and proceed to the next task at hand. If you want to be able to save time, disposable wine glasses UK caterers use often are the answer.

Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses

If you want to focus more on saving money than saving time, plastic wine glasses can be reused for multiple events. These glasses are slightly thicker than those disposable wine glasses, so they can be washed and are relatively cost-effective, albeit they can go 'cloudy' quite quickly as a result of dishwashing and will still break when pressure is applied to them.

Marginally stronger than the reusable polystyrene plastic glasses are the ones with SAN or styrene acrylonitrile resin. Used in some of the stemware, the weakest point of these plastic wine glasses is the base of the stem.

If you want something durable and impossible to break, opt for ones in polycarbonate. The material these hard-plastic wine glasses are made is so strong that the only time we have seen a polycarbonate plastic glass break is after it has been in a dishwasher many times.

Polycarbonate plastic wine glasses can go through a dishwasher between 3 and 500 times before you will notice any problems. However, an abrasive cloth will scratch these plastic wine glasses.

Plastic Wine Glasses in Different Sizes

To help with your search, below we have taken a snapshot photo of our range of plastic wine glasses which tries to show the difference in sizes between them all. Photo correct as of March 2020:

Plastic Wine Glasses Compared

How to Order Plastic Wine Glasses?

We have a good selection of disposable and reusable plastic glasses in stock that would be perfect for your planned event. You can type on the search box the specifications of the material you want to buy. If you can't find what you have in mind, don't hesitate to email or call us. We may be able to contact a supplier who can help so you can buy the type of plastic glasses you need.

Please use the filtering options to help with your search. We are committed to helping you find products with the exact specifications you seek and ensuring that the right product gets packed and sent to your doorstep. You may opt for ones that are disposable for one-off events, usable for a limited number of sessions, or ones that are unbreakable, which are the ultimate in wine glasses safety. You may want to buy those new plastic wine glasses UK caterers prefer that can be dish-washed up to 500 times and are ideal for busy venues holding events and functions. All those items mentioned are available in our shop.

Outdoor wine glasses for parties such as weddings are using are now made of plastic material. Look at those acrylic wine glasses UK restaurants use. Opting to have wine cups that are plastic is nothing new, but it is a growing trend. They're practical and can even be given away as mementos. Our shop offers the best plastic wine glasses available along with catering packaging for all occasions.

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