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Paper and Plastic Bags

Several types of Paper Bags are available to buy:
White sulphite paper bags - Just like the bags from a sweet shop! 5" square up to 12" square. Baguette and French Stick paper bags available too.

Brown Kraft Paper Bags - Once popular with greengrocers. 7" square up to 12" square.

Film Fronted Paper Bags - Great for displaying food. Brown and white bags available in a number of sizes and styles, including; lat bags, baguette bags and a film lined deli bag.

Greaseproof Paper Bags - Perfect for greasy food like sausage rolls, cornish pasties and samosas. 7", 8.5" and 10" sizes available.

Handled paper carrier bags - Small, medium and large, in brown, white and black. A great alternative to plastic carrier bags, ideal for take aways and restaurants.

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