ISO & BRC certificates

As we are a distributor who doesn't manufacture any of the products we sell, we are not BRC accredited however we only supply products that have been manufactured by companies who are. We have full access to their ISO/BRC certificates to show the products supplied conform to the standards required, if you may need to show proof to your local authority please let us know.

What is a BRC certificate?

In 1998, the British Retail Consortium developed and introduced the BRC Food Technical Standard - it’s in place to ensure that best practice and due diligence are exercised when manufacturers produce their goods. To achieve a BRC certificate, companies have to satisfy a global standard and expectation.

ISO Accreditation?

To be ISO accredited, the company in question needs to provide evidence that they have certain management systems in place, so they can meet the needs of their customers using best practice. These systems are certified by independent bodies and monitored annually.

Requesting a certificate.

Requesting the correct data sheet is simple; drop us an email or give us a call with the details - we need to know what you bought from us, and when you bought it. Leave the rest to us. If we don’t have a specific data sheet to hand, simply let the person who requested proof that it’s on it’s way.