Paper Napkins and Serviettes

A range of paper napkins / serviettes in a selection of colours and sizes with single and 2 ply thicknesses available. The majority of the paper napkins below come from high quality UK manufacturer Swantex. They are manufactured from a responsibly source paper mix and are biodegradable / compostable in suitable composting plants.

The two ply paper napkins are of high quality, suitable for any event or restaurant and are available in a range of colours suitable for most occasions.

Napkins are ideal for finishing of a premium presentation of a drink, meal or other occasion, a small touch that says class. The large choice of colours mean there is a paper napkin suitable for most occasions. They are also practical especially for non dry food servings and social etiquette.

Our most popular serviettes are the white paper napkins.

White Napkins

The most popular colour by far is our white paper napkins. The white paper napkin is the classic accompaniment to any dinner party or restaurant table layout. They are available in single ply meaning they are only one thick, two ply - two sheets thick and either in 'cocktail' size 25 x 25 or the more standard 33 x 33cm when unfolded.


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