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Paper Napkins / Serviettes / Doilies

A range of paper napkins / serviettes in a selection of colours and sizes with single and 2 ply thicknesses available. The majority of the paper napkins below come from high quality manufacturer Duni. They are manufactured from a responsibly source paper mix and are biodegradable / compostable in suitable composting plants.

The two ply paper napkins are of high quality, suitable for any event or restaurant and are available in a range of colours suitable for most occasions.

Napkins are ideal for finishing of a premium presentation of a drink, meal or other occasion, a small touch that says class. The large choice of colours mean there is a paper napkin suitable for most occasions. They are also practical especially for non dry food servings and social etiquette.
No. 2 White Traypaper

No. 2 White Traypaper

A No. 2 (10 x 14 inch) rectangular traypaper.

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Pack of 250 Doyleys - 5.56 Inc. VAT
Box of 1000 Doyleys - 20.16 Inc. VAT

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