Sandwich Platter Trays and Lids

A selection of sandwich platter bases and lids made from either cardboard, plastic or aluminium foil and in a range of different sizes. These party platters are ideal for party and buffet caterers as they allow large numbers of sandwiches to be transported safely and cleanly whilst also looking visually pleasing for the customer.

Our deli / bakery customers often prepare sandwiches for parties, events or local businesses holding a lunch meeting and these are a great way to trandsport the product in safety. There is a choice of lids:

  • clear plastic lids specifically made for the platter bases
  • Aluminium Foil or Clingfilm Covering
  • Tea Towel, though this will not be secure for food in transit!

The platters are widely recyclable.

Platter Bags

Not looking to use a lid with your platters then why not try our resealable platter bags, the cheap and easy way of keeping your sandwiches fresh.

Size guide:

Small platter bag - 35cm Foil (tight fit), Small Prestige Platter (meat + cheese platter only)

Medium platter bag - 43cm Foil, Small Prestige and Medium Prestige Platter (tightish fit)

Large Platter Bag - 55cm Foil, Large Prestige Platter

Snappy Platter Bag Video

See how quick and easy the self seal platter bags are to use in the video below.


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