BB143 CE Large Polycarbonate Wine Glass Lined at 125, 175 & 250ml
BB143 CE Large Polycarbonate Wine Glass Lined at 125, 175 & 250mlBB143 CE Large Polycarbonate Wine Glass Lined at 125, 175 & 250mlBB143 CE Large Polycarbonate Wine Glass Lined at 125, 175 & 250ml

BB143 CE Large Polycarbonate Wine Glass Lined at 125, 175 & 250ml

Product Reference: BB143-1ALL.

  • Lined at 125ml (small), 175ml (regular) and 250ml (large)
  • CE stamped for licensed premises
  • Safe unbreakable plastic wine glasses for outside drinking
  • Made from Polycarbonate, dishwasher safe
  • Correct Disposal: Recyclable

Product Features

  • Food Grade Packaging
  • Recyclable
  • CE Marked Product
  • Dishwasher safe up to 500 washes

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The BB143-1CE ALL are clear, large, elite premium polycarbonate plastic wine glasses CE lined at 125ml, 175 ml and 250ml. They are manufactured to a high specification and quality in the UK by BBP. As these plastic wine glasses are CE stamped they are ideal for use in busy licensed premises iwhere glass is not suitable and cause inconvenience such as busy pubs, bars, nightclubs and events. As a guide, pubs, bars and nightclubs serve wine by the glass in 3 different sizes:

- Small glass of wine = 125ml measure
- Regular glass of wine = 175ml measure
- Large glass of wine = 250ml measure

This glass has a certified line for all 3 sizes that are served thus minimising space required for storing multiple sized glasses.

The polycarbonate plastic gives these plastic glasses a virtually unbreakable strength, so when it is dropped or trodden on it does not break. Polycarbonate is also suitable for up to 500 cycles before going cloudy in a dishwasher meaning it is just as convenient as normal glasses.

The total capacity for these plastic wine glasses are 312ml to the rim, though the CE stamped line at 250ml is a comfortable measure of around a third of a standard 750ml bottle of wine. In addition to a large capacity, the glasses are great to drink from and ideal for a premium event experience with a heavy, sturdy feel which don't squeeze or move in the hand and a well finished, smooth lip to drink from.

In addition to this glass, we also hold in stock two other varieties - BB143-1CL CE 250ml lined plastic wine glasses and the non stamped BB143-1CL NS non stamped plastic wine glasses.

Boxes of 12 glasses
1 - 7Boxes of 12 glasses30.29 Inc VAT
8 - 15 Boxes of 12 glasses28.85 Inc VAT
16 - 23 Boxes of 12 glasses27.82 Inc VAT
24 +Boxes of 12 glasses27.02 Inc VAT
Product Technical Information
CE / UK CA Stamped :Yes
Measure Line :Yes at 125, 175 & 250ml
Individual Weight (g):87
Product Material :Polycarbonate
Height (mm):188
Top Width (mm):81
Base Width (mm):78
Microwave :No
Oven :No
Item Condition :New
Food Grade PackagingRecyclable Dishwash safe up to 500 times
Pack / Box Properties
Quantity :4 or 12
EAN No. :5055730706963
Box EAN No. :
Height (mm):202
Depth (mm):338
Width (mm):253
Weight (Kg):1.66