FAQs - Plastic Glasses

Below we have answered a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding our plastic glasses to help you quickly find the right products for you.

I am not sure about the quality of your plastic glasses, can I see a sample?

Yes, please vist our samples page for more information.

Do you do a good quality disposable plastic glass?

Disposable glasses are generally not good quality, they are meant to be used then thrown away / recycled. A suitable alternative is the clear reusable polystyrene glasses which can be washed up but are relatively cost effective.

What is the difference between the quality of plastic glasses on the web site?

Disposable plastic glasses are just what it says – disposable. Single use only. They are made either with thin polystyrene or the more flexible polystyrene.

Reusable polystyrene plastic glasses are slightly thicker and can be washed. They can be dish washed but go ‘cloudy’ quite quickly. They will break when pressure is applied to them.

SAN is used for some of the stem ware and is marginally stronger (in our opinion) than the reusable polystyrene. Usually the weakest point with these are the base of the stem.

Polycarbonate is incredibly strong and almost impossible to break. The only time we have seen a polycarbonate plastic glass break is after it has been in a dishwasher many times and broke at the bottom of the stem. They should go through a dishwasher around 3-500 times before seeing any problems. They will scratch if an abrasive cloth is used to clean them.

Do I need a CE stamped plastic glass?

If you are a licensed establishment serving drinks in measures such as pints, shots etc then you will need a CE Marked plastic glass, unless you have metered fonts or optics. For clarification check with your local Trading Standards Licensing Officer who should help you further.

Why do you not sell Government Stamped Glasses only CE Marked?

Government Stamped glasses with the ‘Crown’ were replaced with the CE Marked glasses a few years ago and can no longer be purchased / sold.

How can I check your stock?

We hold good stocks of all of our plastic glasses, plenty for the vast majority of the orders we receive. If you have a particularly large order to place, please check if you require next day delivery. If we do not hold something in stock then we can normally obtain stock within 3-5 days.

I cannot see a plastic glass I’m specifically looking for?

We hold a good selection of plastic glasses in stock and available to buy on our web site. If however, you cannot see one you particularly require then drop us an email or phone us and we might know a supplier who we can source the product from.

I want better pricing for the plastic glasses?

Each of our product pages has volume pricing based on case quantities. If you are buying thousands of pounds of plastic glasses contact us and we’ll try and help where we can.

Can I rely on Cater For You to supply our plastic glasses in the long term?

We have been established since 2003 organically growing our business and reinvesting continually to improve the product range, stocks and service to our customers. As we do not provide customer accounts, have good cash flow and are prudent with the business we will be supplying plastic glasses for many years.