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Cardboard Cupcake Boxes

Show off those cupcake masterpieces with cupcake boxes from Cater For You. If you are running a cupcake business or are catering for a special occasion, you would want those sweet treats stored in boxes that can enhance the visual appeal of your products. This simple crafty gesture of putting your cupcake in a sweet little box can go a long way in increasing the value of your new creations, especially when you are giving them out as party or wedding keepsakes. For cupcake boxes UK food businesses trust, only contact Cater For You and delight your customers with your cupcakes and our cupcake boxes!

Boxes For Cupcakes

Cupcakes are becoming a great alternative or complement for cakes and are perfect for any occasion. Since the trend started, it hasn't been slowing down. Like many others, if you've jumped into the cupcake bandwagon, stand out and make your mark by ensuring that those beautiful creations of yours are presented in the best way. The success of the business also depends on the boxes cupcake bakers use. Cupcake packaging matters just as much as the taste of your confections, and we have top quality boxes that can help you with that in different styles, sizes, and colours. Search no more for you are at the home of a top supplier of cheap cupcakes boxes and wholesale cake boxes UK bakeries go for. Cater For You has just the sort of cupcakes boxes that can show off those mini cakes and that are offered at the best price. Be it made of cardboard or plastic, a size meant for one cupcake or a large one that can hold a dozen or more, our boxes are built to ensure your creative little desserts are protected and presented as beautifully as possible.

Single Cupcake Boxes

By putting each of them in a single cupcake box, you can turn your cupcakes into dazzling gifts that can please your customers. Place your confections into cupcake boxes individual guests can take home with them. Our individual cake boxes, mini cupcake boxes or muffin boxes, especially those clear cupcake boxes, are perfect for special events such as weddings and birthdays. Have a look at our large range of windowed cupcake boxes or containers in different designs. You can have a simple cube cupcake box or a gable design with a cavity insert, a plain white box or one with colour. You can even have the box transparent. A tall cup cake box is perfect for cupcakes with sprinkles and toppings. Check out our website to see our new and top-quality wholesale cupcake box collection.

Cardboard Cupcake Boxes For Multiple Cupcakes

Other than buying bulk cupcake boxes that can hold single cupcakes, you can also show off those beautifully decorated cupcakes by putting them in a box that can hold multiple cupcakes. Our large corrugated cupcake cardboard box comes with inserts that can hold a dozen or more of your new confections in place. You will also find on our website cupcake containers that are great for transporting those muffins, making traveling with them easier. The caddy has a removable tray and a see-through cover. Another great option is our cardboard muffin or cupcake carrier wherein two boxes can be locked together to create a container for 4 muffins. With our sturdy boxes at a fair price, you'd be free from any worry that your cupcakes would topple over while traveling.

Where To Buy Cupcake Boxes

You may have started with a basket of goodies including cookies and later on ventured into cupcakes. The increasing demand for your new confections is a sign that you need the reliable help of a company that can provide you with the best boxes for your goodies at a fair price. Cater For You is the top brand that provides cupcake boxes wholesale UK events depend on. Albeit we require no minimum order and we are happy to sell even just one pack of any of the items, if you want to buy cupcake boxes cheap, buy them in bulk. A quick search on our website should lead you to the product you need, including the price. As a supplier you can trust, we can also send to your home free samples of all of our food packaging and plastic glassware products. We supply up to 2 samples of a dozen or so items free of charge. Just fill in the details required on the samples request page of our website, including the exact product you want to get a free sample of. If you need something for your customer to carry their cupcakes home in, we have the perfect containers for you. Contact Cater For You for more details.

How To Make A Cupcake Box

Our items arrive on your doorstep flat but can easily be popped up and put together in no time, just make sure you've chosen the right boxes. First, determine the number of cupcakes you will place in the box so that you will get the right size and shape to hold your sweets. Once you have decided on the container type, placing an order on our website is easy. As for assembling our boxes, the sides drop full length to the base of the box. Just follow the pre-creased folds, fold inwards until you have formed four corners of the box. Look at the sides for small incisions to slip extruded flaps on the lid or a small cut at the front where you can lock the lid. We can provide guidance for free. All you have to do is to first go to our contact page and fill in the required details.

Plastic Cupcake Boxes are also available.

We also stock a range of clear plastic cupcake boxes in a selection of sizes and shapes. Click on the image below to view.

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