Snappy Bags

We offer a range of plain Snappy Polypropylene food bags and plain Snappy compostable / biodegradable bags made from PLA all in a variety of different sizes. Ideal for use in bakeries and delicatessens packaging freshly baked cakes, pastries, soft rolls etc. These heat sealed bags can be used to keep your freshly baked goods in tip top condition. Snappy is an industry brand name owned by Seal and one that ensures confidence in the freshness and quality of your pre-made bakery goods.

As these bags have no perforations, they are suitable for cold sandwiches, pastries and cakes as the airflow is minimal keeping the goods fresher for longer. The bags are normally wicketed for ease of use in a busy bakery / deli and crystal clear to display the product for maximum sales.
Home Compostable Bags Are Now Also Available

Home Compostable Bags Are Now Also Available

We have a range of bags ideal for bread and other fresh produce that are made from 100% eco-friendly materials that are certified for home composting. Click Here to View


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