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Cleanline Gastronorm Liner

A liner for gastronorm trays that uses oven-safe technology to prevent baked and burned-on food sticking to gastronorm trays, suitable for both GN1/1 and GN1/2 size trays up to 65mm deep. Once the food has been cooked and served, simply dispose of the liner. The grease goes in the bin, not down the drain, and the tray just needs a quick rinse before it's ready to use again

The liner is 75m long which is enough to line 120 GN1/1 size trays. Furthermore it can also be used as an oven bag to create delicious meals and roasts whilst keeping the oven clean.

How to use
1. Cut the liner to length
2. Insert the gastronorm tray.
3. Cook in the oven. The liner can be used from -30 to +200ºC
4. Serve food from the tray. Dispose of the liner after use.
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