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Burger Boxes, Paper Wraps and Packaging

Burger Boxes

Burger Boxes

Over the years, the range of burger boxes available to our customers has proliferated so that most take away (and sit down restaurants) requirements are covered. The original HP6 polystyrene burger boxes are still a popular seller, but if you are looking to adding a premium and more environmentally friendly / home compostable touch to your burger packaging, there is now a choice of single burger boxes, double burger boxes, burger boxes and chips and each of these are available in a range of colours.

Burger Paper and Foil Wraps

If the burger is for immediate consumption and you are looking to minimise your environmental footprint then it's worth considering the fully recycable foil wraps or printed greaseproof paper wraps. The wrap boxes usually have a quick dispenser so if you are in a tight area like a serving food van they are easy to grab, insert the burger and hand straight over to customers.

Burger Wraps are available in red (for beef / lamb / pork / venison etc) Green (Vegetarian and plant based) Blue (Fish) and Yellow (Poultry) making it easier or customers to identify the contents without opening the wrap. Wrraps represent the most cost effective way of wrapping food.

Wooden Burger Skewers and Sticks

If you create stacked burgers or cheeseburgers piled high with cheese, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, gherkins and more for consumption in-house or large burgers on the go, then securing them in place with a wooden skewer is a must. We have a choice of wooden skewers with coiled ends, gun / paddle skewers or straight sticks (which are also suitable for meat kebabs) which will hold your burgers together whilst in transit.

Made from food grade birchwood, our range of wooden skewers and sticks are biodegradable and can be recycled after use.


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