Cake Boxes and Containers

Single cupcake boxes to 14" Wedding Cake Boxes and a huge selection in between. We also stock windowed cupcake boxes, cake wedges, tart boxes, muffin and cupcake cases.

Cupcake and Muffin Cases

We offer a selection of cupcake and muffin cases in a range of shapes, sizes, patterns and colours.

Cake Tins, Flan Dishes and Muffin Trays

We stock a selection of cake tins and muffin and cookie trays in a range of shapes and sizes.

Cake Decorating

We have a range of products that are essential for making that professional or home baked cake look fantastic.

Other Baking & Cooking Accessories

We stock a range of baking and cooking products including basins, wooden utensils and jelly moulds