Take Away Tubs and Containers

An extensive range of takeaway packaging is available to suit most tastes and requirements:

Foil trays and lids - Great for curries, rice, Chinese food and any food that needs re-heating at home. Please note, these containers are not suitable for microwave use.

Plastic containers: Freezer and microwave safe, our plastic containers come in a large variety of styles and capacities, from 250ml - 1200ml. Ideal for take aways and storing left overs. Mulit compartment containers also available.

Cardboard Food containers: Many are biodegradable and most are leakproof. Chip scoops, fried chicken food boxes, noodle boxes, pizza boxes and poly lined leakproof food cartons designed to service many requirements.

Paper Soup Containers/Ice Cream Containers: Double poly paper cups and lids, designed to maintain the temperature of the contents. Great for soups, ice-creams, pasta etc, these containers can be re-heated in the microwave. and are freezer safe.

Polystyrene fast food boxes have a hinged lid and along with the chip trays will retain heat longer than similar cardboard packaging, up to 20 minutes and can be given out without the need of any other packaging.

Foil Take Away Trays

We offer a selection of aluminium foil food containers with lids, ideal for use by take aways and restaurants.

Plastic Take Away Tubs and Containers

We offer a choice of microwave oven safe plastic containers with lids, in a range of sizes. Ideal take away containers, most are freezer friendly too.

Hot Food Boxes / Chip Scoops

We offer a range of hot food boxes and chip scoops manufactured from food grade board ideal for take aways.

Fast Food Packaging

We offer a range of polystyrene fast food boxes or take away trays including buger and kebab boxes and chip trays.

Cardboard Food Boxes / Noodle Boxes

We offer a range of fast food / take away cartons or noodle boxes made from cardboard.

Pizza Boxes

We offer a range of boxes ideal for take away pizzas

Paper Soup Containers

We offer a range of round food containers and lids ideal for soups made from cardboard.

Condiments & Sauces

To go along with our range of take away packaging we also offer a range of condiments and sauces including sachets of ketchup, brown sauce, salt and pepper.